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  • Ebola: Fact or Fiction?

    Ebola: Fact or Fiction?

    There is no mistaking it. Today’s Americans are on heightened alert regarding their health. They want immediate answers. The question is, where are individuals finding these answers and are they reliable? From the first confirmed case of Ebola hitting the United States to the mysterious HEV68 virus impacting countless children nationwide, the need for factual, […]

  • Treat your Body Like a Maserati

    Treat your Body Like a Maserati

    I train every new hire at New Benefits and recently had the opportunity to work with a young millennial.  I quickly realized the training curriculum I’ve used in the past was going to be meaningless to this new employee as he knew nothing about the healthcare industry. Or did he? I braced myself for what […]

  • Balancing Act

    Balancing Act

    I read a lot of HR blogs, benefit publications and employer surveys about how cost is a major factor when employers make benefits decisions. “Cost” is a broad term. Are we talking about the cost to the employee or the employer? Are we talking about hard dollar costs or soft dollar costs? While the monetary […]

  • Can I Get a Price Check?

    Can I Get a Price Check?

    A few weeks ago, I was driving home from work when an ad came on the radio. The announcer said, “You wouldn’t purchase airline tickets without knowing where you were traveling and how much it cost. You wouldn’t order a meal at a restaurant before checking out the prices on the menu. You wouldn’t book […]

  • Looking for Answers, Finding Solutions

    Looking for Answers, Finding Solutions

    At New Benefits, we don’t have all the answers. In fact, I’d go so far as to say we believe answers don’t really matter.   Say what??  Answers vs. Solutions An answer is defined as: something you say or write when someone asks you a question a response to a question that is meant to […]

  • Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation

    Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation

    These days, there are multiple generations in the workforce: from the multi-tasking Millennial who wants everything right now to the busy Gen X’er with a full-time working spouse and three kids at home to the Baby Boomer who’s still working because he/she hasn’t squirreled enough away for retirement. And employer groups have the unenviable task […]

  • Take That Stress and Shove It

    Take That Stress and Shove It

    In my last blog, I discussed how employee stress is costing companies a bundle. But what is the most common cause of anxiety in the workplace? In many cases, legal issues and financial problems are the source of employee stress. In fact, nearly two-fifths of HR professionals say employees have missed work due to a […]

  • Hello.  My Name is Dulce and I am Addicted to Change

    Hello. My Name is Dulce and I am Addicted to Change

    Plenty of people claim they embrace change, but we all know most of them are stretching the truth. I can tell you without hesitation that we not only embrace change—we’re addicted to it. We’ve continued to grow because flexibility is one of our core values, and we know the only way to consistently meet the […]


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