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  • Make a New Year’s Resolution that Counts

    Make a New Year’s Resolution that Counts

    As the end of the year grows near, ‘tis the season for festive holiday parties, tacky Christmas sweaters and decking the halls.  It’s also that magical time of year when healthcare plans change and deductibles reset. On that front, I’ve got good news and bad news: The good news is premiums are decreasing. The bad […]

  • Haven’t Been Hacked Yet? It’s Only a Matter of Time.

    Haven’t Been Hacked Yet? It’s Only a Matter of Time.

    Everywhere we turn, there’s another news story about a security breach at a major U.S. retailer or financial institution. Surprisingly, many of these companies had anti-hacker systems in place, but cyber criminals have discovered how to outsmart these technologies. Identity theft is spreading like wildfire, impacting millions across the nation. In the past year, the […]

  • The Harmonious Marketer Relationship – A New Benefits Guide

    The Harmonious Marketer Relationship – A New Benefits Guide

    I have the pleasure of working with a multitude of marketers every day. Unfortunately, many of these new-found relationships do not last. Whether this is due to miscommunication or simply a lack of passion, I’ve come to realize there is a set of desired qualities every marketer should have in order for us to have […]

  • Be a Hero, Not a Zero

    Be a Hero, Not a Zero

    It’s not easy being a broker in these tumultuous times. But as the old saying goes, challenge begets opportunity. As the benefits industry continues to shift and evolve, now is the time to become a leader and innovator. It’s time to be a benefits hero. How do you do that? I know you’ve heard this […]

  • Tag, You’re It!

    Tag, You’re It!

    As employers gradually shift the financial burden of health insurance to employees, it’s become more critical than ever for workers to do their homework and carefully manage healthcare expenses. If employees don’t learn how to price comparison shop for costly medical procedures, it could create increased financial burden and stress. In the past year, we’ve […]

  • I’ll Be There For You

    I’ll Be There For You

    When news first broke about Walmart’s plans to cut medical benefits for nearly 30,000 part-time employees, I could almost hear HR professionals around the nation gasp in unison.  And while the news hit hard for many, I couldn’t help but think, and so it begins. “It” being the natural progression in our nation’s adoption of […]

  • Let’s Get Engaged

    Let’s Get Engaged

    If brokers want to survive and thrive in today’s uncertain benefits world, they must take an active role in educating and engaging employees. There are many strategies to engage employees in their benefits program leading to increased productivity, lower absenteeism and greater employee loyalty.  There are three essential elements that can help employers achieve these […]

  • Introducing the New Benefits eBook!

    Introducing the New Benefits eBook!

    Our eBook captures the thoughts and opinions of senior leadership at New Benefits including CEO Joel Ray, COO Marti Powles, EVP of Global Sales Brian Latkowski and EVP Dulce Bozeman. This first issue is a collection of the blogs and infographics published here on from July through August 2014. Created for our marketers and […]


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