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  • New Benefits Contracts with MDLIVE to Expand Telemedicine Offering

    New Benefits Contracts with MDLIVE to Expand Telemedicine Offering Sunrise, Fla., July 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MDLIVE, a leading virtual medical and behavioral healthcare provider, today announced New Benefits, the largest discount plan organization (DPO) in the country, has added its virtual care services to broaden the telemedicine benefits offered to clients and their members. The collaboration is a response to increasing […]

  • Sportsmanship in the Workplace

    Sportsmanship in the Workplace

    I was recently touched by admirable demonstrations of sportsmanship during this year’s Olympics. New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin stopped during the 5,000m race to help American Abbey D’Agostino after she fell, which impacted her medaling potential (but she won the Pierre de Coubertin medal celebrating sportsmanship).   Earlier this year American tennis player Jack Sock told his […]

  • The Many Faces of Identity Theft

    The Many Faces of Identity Theft

    If you think the only kind of identity theft is financial fraud, you’re wrong, wrong, wrong. In reality, if you’re going to experience ID theft, financial fraud is typically the least traumatic or expensive to clear up. Compare fraudulent charges on your credit card to fraudulent use of your child’s credit to purchase a home, […]

  • Engaging Millennials in the Workforce

    Engaging Millennials in the Workforce

    While reading the latest issue of Benefitspro Magazine, I stumbled upon an intriguing statistic: “More than 1 in 3 American workers today are millennials (adults ages 18 to 34), and they have officially surpassed Generation X to become the largest segment of the American workforce.”[1] The article goes on to discuss how this group expects […]

  • Employee benefits increasingly include identity theft coverage

    Employee benefits increasingly include identity theft coverage

    Employers looking to dial up the correct mix of benefits in order to retain valued employees are increasingly including identity theft protection services as a perk. […]

  • How you DON’T create a company culture

    How you DON’T create a company culture

    I’m always asked, “Why do you like working here?”  Hands down… the culture. However, I don’t think you can create a company culture.  You believe in the company.  You believe in the people.  That becomes the culture. I believe in our CEO.  I believe in his passion and his commitment.  I believe in him as […]

  • The ShiftShapers Podcast, Episode 116

    The ShiftShapers Podcast, Episode 116 "An interview with Joel Ray"

    Are non-insured benefits a tool to help combat commission compression? How can you integrate them into your practice? CEO of New Benefits, Joel Ray, discusses how these products can be combined with traditional benefits to better serve clients and increase your bottom line. […]

  • Breaches and Beyond

    Breaches and Beyond

    Did you know you’re at risk of identity theft when you shop online, go to the doctor, or even sign up for a social network? Every 2 seconds there’s another victim. In other words, it’s not a matter of if, but when your identity will be stolen. Think about the major data breaches that have […]


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